Tuesday, 21 May 2013

10 Year Anniversary

Much has happened since I first arrived to set up and run Ward Williams Financial Services Ltd in October 2003.

In the 10 years I have been at Ward Williams we have moved twice – from the High Street to Monument Hill and then fairly recently further up Monument Hill.  All of these moves have increased the distance of my commute from home to the office and the distance to the office’s normal “watering hole” – The Slug & Lettuce.

Initially I was working on a part time basis and Jane Watford, who looks after Payroll was designated as my assistant.

It was not long before I changed to full time and recruited our first employee, Clare Kingdon.  She is still with us and has been my “right hand man” through the expansion of Ward Williams Financial Services Ltd.

As the business expanded, further people were recruited and today we have the following team; Clare Kingdon, Hannah Peyton, Guy Campbell, Paul Nathan and Wayne Bass; a team of whom I feel that I can be justifiably proud. 

Ward Williams Financial Services Ltd now has over 800 clients and £58m of clients’ money under advice – significant numbers that demonstrate the success of the business.

Personally, the last 10 years have been hard work, but immensely enjoyable.  I have really enjoyed working with the staff, not only of Ward Williams Financial Services Ltd but also the whole Group.  The senior directors of Ward Williams Ltd, Malcolm McKinnell, Richard Hayward and Phil Grainger have been extremely supportive and I would like to place on record my appreciation of their efforts.

Finally, our clients, without whom we would not have a business.  A big thank you to you all.  I have enjoyed dealing with all of our clients and I hope that Ward Williams Financial Services Ltd can continue to provide them, and new clients, with a friendly and efficient service for many years to come.

I am certainly looking forward to the future.

Thanks for the last 10 years and here’s to the next 10.

Cliff Pocock

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